The 100% solids polyurethane coatings offer very unique handling, performance and environmental advantages. To the end users, this means a greater assurance of achieving the desired result on time and on budget. To the applicator, it means high throughput and fewer callbacks.

   1. Coating Film Performances

  • superior adhesion with impact load bearing capability
  • resistance to chemical attack
  • resistance to gouging and abrasion due to the extra hardness
  • flexibility and resilience with elongation
  • inertness and freedom from embrittlement
  • very low permeability
  • fire retardant
  • resistance to cathodic disbondment forces
  • a totally monolithic, seamless polymer sheet virtually fused to the substrate.

   The Mitseron Coating Film Property Table shows all the satisfactory results and details
   the performances tested by reference to the relevant Codes and Standards.

   2. Advantages of Mitseron Application

  • Easier and Faster Application
    The sprayed-on application on any geometry of up to several centimeters of DFT in a single coat and the fast curing time of within an hour at a low ambient temperature makes it easier and faster than any other comparable coating system.
  • Effective Adjustment of DFT
    Thickness of the film can be adjusted locally at the high abrasion points such as the internal surfaces of the pipe fittings carrying the slurry liquids, making the coating more effective and efficient.
  • Cost-Effectiveness
    The coating material itself may be expensive, however, the overall cost considering the applicability, workability and durability of Mitseron for heavy duty corrosion protection service will be much smaller than the cost of using any of the conventional coating methods.
  • Long Life Expectancy
    Due to the extended durability and extreme resistance to abrasion and chemical attack, Miseron will serve its purposes for more than 30 years.
  • Compatibility with Cathodic Protection
    Its compatibility with the cathodic protection, where applicable, makes the Mitseron coating more economical and practical.
  • Easy Site Welding and Touch-up Coating
    About 15cms length of uncoated bare steel surface on both ends of the pipes or structures may be enough for the site welding, if any, and subsequent touch-up coating on the welding surface is as easy as with any other coating system.
  • Diverse Applicability
    Mitseron can be applied on most surfaces regardless of the base materials, including in deserts and in the sea with no chalking, embrittlement, or deterioration.

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