1. Base Materials of Mitseron

Mitseron can be divided into two groups of materials.

  • Mitseron S-100
    This is the rigid-to-elastomeric type of the 100% solids polyurethane coating material made of two components, that is, a polyol-rich solution (base-liquid) and an isocyanate-rich solution(hardener-liquid). The normal S-100 product can be classified as the aromatic polyurethane coating material.
    And, when it requires the UV resistance and color stability, Mitseron HiUrelon of aliphatic polyurethane material can be applied on top of the S-100 coat.

  • Mitseron EP
    This is another formulation of epoxy based coating material developed for the application under the wet conditions such as underwater coating and curing.

Either of these Mitserons can be applied on the primer coated surfaces without using any solvents. Due to this solvent-free application, the original Mitseron resins, normally in liquid state, will convert to a 100% solid film after application without carrying or reducing any of the coating resins by the solvents.

   2. Characteristics of Mitseron

The Mitseron of the 100% solids polyurethane coating material has the following characteristics;

  • 100% solids, having zero or near zero VOC's
  • set at low temperature and wet conditions
  • non flammable, solvent free and environmentally friendly
  • super high built films by a single sprayed coat even on the vertical surfaces without sagging or distortion
  • sprayed-on films on surfaces of any geometry
  • fast curing to dry film
  • easy touch-up even under water
  • non-dangerous goods for transportation
  • no post curing

You may find more detailed information regarding the properties of the Mitseron in the Product Data Sheets.

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