1. Era of Zebron - First Generation

In 1973 a U.S. Company named Zebron U.S.A developed a polyurethane coating material with the brand name Zebron for corrosion protective coating In various applications. Zebron subsequently established another company called Purethane for international business. In 1982 our licensor, MKPC, imported the Zebron technology for their own business in Japan and the Far East. During these early years Zebron learnt many lessons from operating in the Japanese and US markets which it applied to the ongoing development of its product.

   2. Era of Mitseron - Second Generation

Since first importing Zebron MKPC made their own efforts to develop a more advanced material, and finally developed a brand new product - Mitseron, which they named after their mother company, Mitsui.
With the development of Mitseron, MKPC purchased the Zebron related rights from Zebron for their own marketing and technology development. From this time MKPC established and expanded their market for Mitseron in Japan, especially in the heavy duty corrosion protection industry, with various applications including marine facilities and nuclear service equipment, as shown on the experience tables. We, JCC, have also been expanding the application of Mitseron into many projects where heavy duty corrosion protection is the prime concern.

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