1. Establishment

  • Join Chemicals Co., Ltd.(JCC)
    This company was established on April 12, 1996 as a business specializing in the manufacturing of Mitseron, a polyurethane coating material created by Mitsui Kinzoku Paints & Chemical Co.,Ltd.(MKPC) recently transfer to Nippon Paint Anti - Corrosive Coating Co.,Ltd.(NPACC)

  • Join Chemical special coating Co.,Ltd.(JCSCC)
    This sister company was established on May 19, 1997 to support JCC with the advanced technology necessary for the application of Mitseron.

  •    2. Market Expansion

    Since the establishment, the two aforesaid companies have actively involved themselves in the heavy duty corrosion protection coating business in both domestic and overseas markets. We have applied ourselves to provide the highest standards of the polyurethane coating materials and workmanship and maintain cost-effectiveness.
    We have successfully accomplished work for marine structures in Japan and Vietnam and are currently carrying out a barge - mounted power plant project in India.
    The market for Mitseron continues to grow due to its excellent performance for customers all over the world and we are striving to expand our market throughout the world for the unmatched and proven quality and cost-effectiveness of Mitseron

       3. Licensing Agreement & Technical Collaboration

    We are manufacturing product Mitseron with the close cooperation of the licenser NPACC.(MKPC)

       4. Factory Information

  • Location : 99 Dunpo-ri Dunpo-myeon, Asan-Si, ChungcheongNam-do, Korea
  • Telephone : 82-41-532-6038
  • Specialty in Products
    We are specialists in the corrosion protection industry and have devoted ourselves to manufacturing polyurethane coating materials of aromatic and aliphatic Mitseron in our excellent facilities.
    Our customers have expressed satisfaction with the exellent quality of our products. We are also sure that no one in this field can beat us in the cost.

  •    5. Contact Information(Main Office)

  • Postal Address : Room No. 406, DaeryungPostTowerą▓, Digitalro-34-gil 27, Guro-gu Seoul, KOREA
  • Telephone : 82-2-2028-0190
  • Fax : 82-2-2028-0170
  • E-Mail Address : jysohn6298@hanmail.net

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